Tuesday, March 21, 2017

1stbay Marketing Team needs to reread CAN-SPAM STOP FUCKING SPAMMING!!!

From: Scott Andreasen <scott@1stbaydigital.info>
Subject: 7 Good Suggestions for XXXXXX.com

Message Body:

I hope you're day is going well and that you're keeping busy.  If not, I think I know a reason why and want to share my observations.  I set my Keyword Bot to span your URL XXXXX.com and crawl into keyphrases in the SERPs for your geographical area.  Unfortunatelly your site does NOT appear on Page 1 for the vast majority of your best long-tail keywords that your clients should discover you.  You appear to be missing the boat on those cases. So how conclusive is my test?

Based upon your web site XXXXXXX.com here is some factors:

1.  These findings are Spot-on by referencing your own meta tags and website content.  Keep in mind, that ONLY 5 percent of prospects searching for your business go to Page 2.
2.  XXXX.com has considerably less page content.  Simple fix... produce more good content.
3.  It appears you are not utilizing appropriate CTAs to get visitors to convert to leads.
4.  Your Tracking appears like it could be improved.
5.  appears like your URL is not adequately configured for measuring conversions  aligned with latest marketing trends.  i.e. Google tags/Facebook pixel
6.  Your Reputation: Social/Reputation ought to be more biased in your favor.

I am confident I can help you resolve these issues, thus making this online impact better at getting leads/sales.  I would like to give up my services at no cost by suggesting several key marketing tactics that you are NOT doing and that we deploy for other similar businesses.  So then you can start attracting the traffic you  would like.

Just reply back to me if you want my analysis along with your phone number.  I will just need some brief information to get started.  If you prefer call me on my cell now at +1.727.205.0999.

Thank you,

Scott Andreasen
1stbay Marketing Team
Office: Tampa, Florida

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