Wednesday, December 7, 2016 is a total scam

From: Eric <>
Subject: Do NOT share! Proprietary Information

Message Body:
Hey man,

It was great to meet you the other night! As promised, I have a secret I’m going to share with you today. I know you’ve been anxiously waiting to hear what I have to say.

I can’t emphasize enough how vital it is that you DO NOT share this email, for reasons that I will elaborate on later.

This is important. Take a moment and read every word extremely carefully. Read it twice if you must. If you invest the meager 5 minutes it takes to read this email through to the end, it just might change your life.

See… I never share secrets with strangers. But you remind me of myself in a lot of good ways, so I trust you with this information.

You’re motivated, ambitious, hungry for success, and you’re always receptive to new ideas and new opportunities. When an opportunity presents itself, you act quickly and precisely. That's exactly the mentality you need to be a huge success in this ultra-competitive world.

Action takers.

Those are the people I choose to surround myself with, and those are the people I choose to reward. Society never rewards people at idle. If you’re too afraid to pull the trigger and make moves, you’ll be stuck in the same spot for the rest of your life.

Nothing is worse than knowing you had a chance to do something great but were too afraid to do it. We’ve all felt regret before, but why feel it again if we have a choice?

Anyway, I’m going to present the information quickly, and you can do what you want with it. You’re a smart guy who makes sound decisions. I’ll trust your judgment. Fair enough? Good.

Since I was in a rush when we met, there’s a slight chance I messed up your email address when I wrote it down. Here’s a quick disclaimer just in case:

***Information in this transmission is intended only for the person(s) to whom it is addressed and may contain privileged and/or confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying or dissemination of the information is unauthorized, and you should delete/destroy all copies and notify the sender. No liability is accepted for any unauthorized use of the information contained in this transmission.***

You’ll see why I had to include that, momentarily.

By the way, you had inquired about my wealth the other night, and I dodged the question a couple of times. The truth is, I don’t like to talk about my earnings with people I just met. I can always see the shift in someone’s personality and the way they act towards me after I give them an approximation of my salary.

Just know that I do very well for myself and we’ll leave it at that. I’m not one to brag about houses or cars. Those are just byproducts to the unlimited freedom you’ll have once your finances are in order.

Hell, I even have doctors and lawyers asking me on a very regular basis what I do for a living. I get asked constantly and the conversation is never rewarding because nobody ever learns anything. It doesn’t matter WHAT I do for a living. What matters is HOW I manage to do what I do for a living.

They don’t ask the right question.

Day in and day out. Night in and night out. How do I get more done in a day than most people do in a week? How come my focus never gets derailed, no matter what obstacles are thrown at me? That’s what people should be asking. Not how many zeros are in my bank account.

See… society is divided into two groups: The 99% and the 1%. The haves, and the have-nots. The elite men and women who understand how success is earned versus those who never will.

You have a lot of the same qualities and characteristics possessed by the elite members of society. I recognize it when I see it.

Most people are stuck in a 9 to 5 job that will ultimately be the death of them. They’re sitting in rush hour traffic every day. Getting talked down to every day. Taking breaks on a schedule every day. And answering to people they hate, every… single… day. Meanwhile, you’re out there running an online business trying to make shit happen. I respect the hell out of you for that.

99% of people are okay with being comfortable.

99% of people are okay with mediocre living and average pay.

99% of people are okay with not challenging themselves.

99% of people are okay with not learning new things.

99% of people are okay with never taking chances and living a life full of regret.

99% of people are okay with passing on incredible opportunity after incredible opportunity.

And 99% of people think that wealth is pure luck and lottery winnings, not the result of hard work and relentless dedication to a vision.

Because of that complacency and flawed belief system, 99% of society will never have the lifestyle they want or feel that they’re owed. Instead, they’ll attribute everyone’s successes to luck, while simultaneously sharing photos of exotic locations on Facebook wishing they could travel more.

Probably not the best use of time for someone who’s dissatisfied with their current situation, wouldn’t you say?

But that’s not you, and that’s not me. No… you and I get it, and we want the best for ourselves. For our loved ones. For our families. And for our friends. We’ll stop at nothing until we get there. That’s why we’re different. We have one life, and we see it as a glorious chance to live, not an unfortunate means to an inevitable death.

When successful people see an opportunity to get an edge, we seize the moment. That all important ability to strike when the iron is hot… now THAT is what truly separates the men from the boys. When someone hands you a golden ticket, do you take that shit and run, or do you say “No thanks,” and jump back on Snapchat?

I know what winners would do.

The 99% are so blinded by monotonous daily routine and societal structure, that they wouldn’t recognize a prime opportunity if it hit them in the face, repeatedly. You could offer them a revolutionary pill that would transform them from an unmotivated couch potato into Leonardo DiCaprio from the Wolf of Wall Street, and they’d probably still pass.

Man, tell me you’ve seen that movie? Leo was the most passionate, driven, (and borderline insane) CEO in Hollywood history. Oh, and he was stupid rich too because he was an evil genius.

You want to be a genius, too, don’t you? Then it starts right now.

I know you as someone who takes huge calculated action, and I can see greatness in you. But this is the part where you either prove me right or prove me wrong.

Ever heard of the “limitless pill”? Of course, you have. The thing is, when the original movie came out with Bradley Cooper, the limitless pill was nothing but a fantasy drug.

That was then. This is now. And here’s the secret:

There’s a small underground group of brain hackers known as “Nootro Club.” Its members have spent the past several years working closely with an experienced team of highly-skilled neuroscientists. Their intent was to develop a limitless pill for their own personal use.

Nootro Club’s mission was simple:

Step 1: Discover a loophole in the brain that makes you smarter.

Step 2: Make a pill to exploit it.

Step 3: Hide it from the rest of society and quietly take over the world.

After years of research, thousands of hours invested, and hundreds of formulations, they’ve finally succeeded in developing a pill that works. It’s referred to as the “missing link” in human evolution.

Imagine every man and woman on earth becoming a worker drone. Being able to remember anything. Calculate complex data like never before. Maintain tunnel vision focus from morning till night. Becoming immune to mental fatigue. Unlocking 100% of their brain and becoming truly limitless in every sense of the word.

The individuals in this group have poured their entire life savings into having the world’s smartest minds develop a brain pill. All so they can become unstoppably robotic in their workdays. They want to achieve ultimate success as quickly as possible while leaving everyone else in the dust. Most outsiders who have heard rumors about Nootro Club feel that having such an unfair advantage is unethical.

Let’s be honest, though. The most successful people in the world know that if you’re not breaking the rules a little bit, you’re not trying hard enough.

When I first heard about the power of Nootro Club’s brand new cognitive enhancer, I thought the idea of it going public was terrifying. Apparently so did the group’s members. That’s why they’ve hidden the website and took it offline completely. The site only goes live on rare occasions (now being one of them).

Nootro Club gets its members via word of mouth and referrals ONLY. There’s no marketing whatsoever, and the community is completely off limits to the 99%. It’s comprised entirely of societal elites inviting other like-minded individuals. Entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, business executives, etc.

The rich keep getting richer.

Once every few months, Nootro Club’s original members put the website live for 24 hours and 24 hours only. They use the page to gather emails for members who want to be notified when the next shipment is available. Since the community is growing very rapidly, the window for members to request notification on product arrival is extremely narrow. This narrow timeframe is due to anticipated supply shortages, and it’s completely out of my hands.

The website will only load using a special referral link provided by long-time members. I’ve given you a link at the bottom of this email. Like I said, it’s exceedingly rare these days when the website goes live, and it only goes live for 24 hours. That means that by the time you read this, there may not be more than a few minutes left. After time expires, the page is taken down, and you’ll have to wait a few months for your next opportunity.



PS: It seems like their servers are getting pounded right now. If it doesn’t load right the first time, try to refresh the page. New members. Old members. Everyone’s going to be ordering this stuff in bulk the second it’s available. Don’t miss out.