Monday, October 26, 2015

I promis im never calling these spammers.

From: WF Communications <>
Subject: Phone Broadcast Marketing

Message Body:

I am the owner of Web Focus, we have a very unique offer for you! We are a professional telecommunication company based in Connecticut. We service businesses in the United States. Let us help you increase profits and new customers by setting up a mass phone call campaign!

Imagine you are able to call 3000 local BUSINESSES during 3-5pm, and they hear the following message:

Hello, this is "Business Name" on 123 Main Street, we would like to invite you tonight to relax and have a couple drinks on the house! Come on down and enjoy our hot wings and home made thick crust pepperoni pizza. Bring a friend and receive 10% off! Press 1 to make a reservation, press 2 to leave a message. (People that press 1 will be connected to your front desk! to make a reservation!) (This message can be professionally recorded and it can say whatever you would like it to say)

Our VIP Calling System enables your business to spread the word faster than ever! Please call us to discuss how we can setup this system for your business. VERY AFFORDABLE!

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