Thursday, September 17, 2015

he is checked in...

From: Dexter Wadhwa <>
Subject: Re: Checking in.

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As a website owner marketing direct to consumers, your site is your salesman that works 24/7, never needs a day off and is always at their best. Except when the design and internal optimizers are outdated or perhaps even nonexistent. Then you suffer from what I call the NO traffic, NO conversions and NO sales. This is NOT what you wanted your site to do I am sure.

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We have put together a little sneak-peak video to give you an overview of how we do what we do. Its located at:

Our designs are all custom designs, created by us. In other words, we do not use themes or ready-made templates so you can reassured your website will be unique, helping to set you apart in the market place and expand your exposure. Also included with your web redesign package is months of guaranteed bug free maintenance.

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