Saturday, July 18, 2015

Business Development

From: Florian Hofmann <>
Subject: Business Development

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Florian from here. I know that succeeding in Online Marketing is a tough call, so I'll try to explain briefly why I am writing to you.

@VISITLEAD we created a great On-Site Marketing Solution, which brings your website very close to the feeling and the possibilities of a real shop. It opens stunning options  to commuincate and interact with your website visitors - in realtime.

Feature Video:

As you have seen in the video, we have a leading product - in a young, growing market and therefore we are looking for business opportunities in Nevada!

Enterprise On-Site Marketing - out of the box, in one single solution. A great additional advantage for you and your clients to raise your conversions!

Try it out or schedule a demo. Let us talk about options to get into business

Best regards and looking forward to your reply,
Florian Hofmann
Business Development

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