Monday, May 25, 2015

Social media increases ROI

From: Matt Salv <>
Subject: Social media increases ROI

Message Body:
Hello, my name is Matt and I help organizations advance their brands by means of social network promotion.  Our team uses social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, to help our clients reach their customers that are interested in their services or products.  Our social media marketing service is extremely affordable and is a great way to increase your ROI.

Everybody knows they ought to be doing social marketing, however not very many organizations really do it well - which means that the few that do are compensated extremely well.

Do you have an effective social media marketing plan that is gaining you more clients and a higher ROI? If not, I'd truly like to talk with you for a brief consultation and check whether my team and our solutions could help you. The consultation is totally free and there is no commitment. If for any reason I cannot help you I will still be happy to give you some tips and advice and point you in the correct direction.

Do you have time in the near future for a quick call? Simply tell me what time is best and what number to reach you on and I'll be happy to reach out to you.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Matt Salv.

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