Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Site Rankings

From: Jonathan Baton <brandtimex@gmail.com>
Subject: Site Rankings

Message Body:

I’m Jonathan Baton and I specialize in helping my clients get their sites found by their customers.  I work in the field of SEO and I can bring more visitors and sales to your site.   I would love to speak with you sometime about some of the things I have done to help my clients sites rank.  I have flexible prices and I think that you will see the value of my services after we speak, if not then you are still the wiser for the call.

Feel free to give me a number to speak with you and I will be in touch, if you prefer to call me that is fine with me as well.   I will reach out and schedule a time that we can speak about your industry and also do some research on your competitors and see what needs to happen to get you where you deserve to be.

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank You,

Jonathan Baton
Web Revenue Specialist

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